Say Yes! to Local

Shop Local BusinessesWe’re dedicated to the principle of buying locally to build a family-friendly, sustainable, and healthy community. We’re committed to restoring and maintaining the personal service culture of quality retailers. FOWO works to keep Fort Worth money in Fort Worth by reminding neighbors of the variety of choices and high quality of products and services available through our independent network of businesses.

Just a few reasons to buy local…

  1. When you shop with one of our retailers, it’s not just business. It’s personal!
  2. The tax dollars you spend in our stores are immediately recycled into the Fort Worth community.
  3. Service and accountability matter. We’re not a nameless face from corporate. On any given day, you can walk into our businesses and speak directly to the owner.

(For a more comprehensive list of reasons to shop local, read more about Fort Worth for Women.)

Don’t wait! Visit a locally-owned business for a shopping experience that’s as unique as our city!

  1. Browse a directory of women-owned businesses in Ft. Worth to find locations of locally-owned boutiques and service providers.
  2. Check out a list of our current retail promotions to see what your local businesses have going on.